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Cold Weather Tips: Part 2

February 03, 2016

Although the weather has warmed up the past few days, our cold weather days are not over yet.

Here's a continuation of our post from a couple of weeks ago. Check out four more tips to help you protect your pets this winter:

  1. During the cold winter months, cats are often looking for a place to nuzzle down and stay warm. Unfortunately, under the hoods of vehicles is often where they settle. Before starting your car, be sure to warn any sleeping cats by hitting your hood or honking your horn.
  2. Keep a close eye on your pup while outside and be on the lookout for antifreeze spills and leaks. Dogs are attracted to the sweet taste of antifreeze, but it is extremely toxic and even a small amount ingested can be lethal. A few signs of antifreeze poisoning include dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, and uncoordinated movement.
  3. Consider getting your pet microchipped this winter. Snow and ice can hide familiar scents and make it harder for your pet to find home if lost this season. Our clinic currently uses HomeAgain microchips. Interested? Contact our office for more information and pricing.
  4. It can never hurt to be overly prepared, especially with the threat of winter storms. Make sure to have a good stock of any prescription medication and food your pet may need during a storm that keeps you stuck at home. Also, don't forget to include your pets in your family emergency plans in the case of hazardous weather and power outages!

If you missed our Part 1 post, check it out for more information. Have questions about cold weather care for your pet and didn't find the answers in our posts? Give us a call to chat with your veterinarian at (502) 425-5834.